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Status Update: 1) As a courtesy and under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), in April 2019 I asked a Hollywood studio executive to give me feedback on the project. They were thrilled with the concept, but there is just too much LGBTQ+ history to cover in two two-hour movies. So, instead of trying to narrow down the stories I try to cover (which defeats the purpose of the project), I will develop the movie screenplay into a Limited Series.

2) I'm not yet member of Writers Guild of America but we'll gladly adopt/require their Code of Conduct and similar standards for all agencies/employees/contractors/vendors.

3) Despite the juicy Georgia tax incentives and already scouted Atlanta filming locations, I can't in good conscious generate tax revenue for a state with such corrupt and/or racist leadership. I refuse to fund our oppressors, so I'll likely move all production to California or other state that supports LGBTQ+ communities.

The Pride Against Prejudice project consists of:

The Limited Series - Using fictional characters, we'll explore actual historical events that were key milestones of the LGBTQ+ equality movement in the South.

The Movement - Taking the lessons learned from the marriage equality movement, and standing on the shoulders of the Civil Rights giants who came before us, we'll put the project into action! The struggle against prejudice is a never-ending battle: join the movement and share your story of Pride Against Prejudice!