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Breakup Letters

On Wednesday. October 11th, 2016, the acting Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Lyn Stuart sent two letters to the suspended Roy Moore. The first letter informs him that any of his personal mail will be held by the marshal, and all official correspondence with the court will be opened and processed by court staff. The second letter asked him to pack up his office, and turn in his badge and keys. Whether he moves out of the office now, or at the end of his term, we have a whole list of volunteers ready to assist him in his move out of our state Supreme Court building!

Notice how Roy's name has already been taken off of the official Alabama Supreme Court letterhead and stationary, and replaced with Lyn Stuart:

Letter to Roy Moore informing him about his correspondence being now handled by his acting replacement.
Breaking up is hard to do - but Acting Chief Justice makes it easier with this letter!

We noticed that they sent a copy of this letter to Roy Moore's Foundation of Moral Law which is ran by his family members. He is forbidden from working on those projects while he is still in office, or it's a direct conflict of interest and further violations of the Canons of Judicial Ethics. Since he was only suspended from office, and not removed from office - he technically still holds that office. That means if we catch him doing outside work during his suspension, we will file additional charges against him!

Letter to Roy Moore asking him to clean out his office and turn in his badge and keys.
There were a long list of volunteers ready to help him move out!

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