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Strawser v. Strange

James Strawser and John Humphrey

Named Plaintiffs James Strawser and John Humphrey, who reside in Mobile County, Alabama, applied for a marriage license in that county but were denied a license because of Alabama’s constitutional and statutory prohibitions on marriage for same-sex couples. Plaintiff Strawser is facing health issues requiring surgery that put his life at great risk. Prior to previous hospitalizations for surgery, Plaintiff Strawser had given Plaintiff Humphrey a medical power of attorney, but was told by the hospital that the facility would not honor the document because Humphrey was not a family member or spouse. In addition, Plaintiff Strawser’s mother faces health issues, and he is concerned that Humphrey will not be permitted to assist his mother with her affairs should Strawser pass away in the near future. On February 9, 2015, the effective date of this Court’s entry of an order and preliminary injunction declaring Alabama’s marriage ban for same-sex couples unconstitutional, Plaintiffs Strawser and Humphrey again appeared at Defendant Davis’s office in Mobile, Alabama, to apply for a marriage license, but were unable to obtain a license because Defendant Davis elected to cease issuance of marriage licenses in Mobile County until this Court clarified his legal obligations. As a result of this Court’s further order of February 12, 2015, granting a preliminary injunction in this action, Plaintiffs Strawser and Strange married in Alabama pursuant to a marriage license issued by Defendant Davis.

From Doc #76 - Exhibit A

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