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Strawser v. Strange

Kristy Simmons and Marshay Safford

Named Plaintiffs Kristy Simmons and Marshay Safford have been in a committed relationship for more than 2 years and reside in Mobile County, Alabama. The couple are raising together three of Plaintiff Simmons’s children from a prior relationship. They want to get married in order to have a legal family relationship and to build stability for their children. In addition, Simmons has been diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a rare disorder that causes her blood vessels to become inflamed and that can damage major organs. Being able to marry is especially important to the couple that Plaintiff Safford and their children have legal protections in the event that Plaintiff Simmons becomes ill or incapacitated. On February 9, 2015, Plaintiffs Simmons and Safford appeared at Defendant Davis’s office in Mobile, Alabama, to apply for a marriage license, but were unable to obtain a license because Defendant Davis elected to cease issuance of marriage licenses in Mobile County until this Court clarified his legal obligations. As a result of this Court’s further order of February 12, 2015, granting a preliminary injunction in this action, Plaintiffs Simmons and Safford married in Alabama pursuant to a marriage license issued by Defendant Davis.

From Doc #76 - Exhibit A

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