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Plaintiffs of Strawser v. Strange

Despite many of the horrible characterizations the public may have heard about the plaintiffs, they are actual human beings with real stories. None of the plaintiffs sued for any monetary damages, all they wanted was for the probate judges of Alabama to do their job and allow them to exercise their Constitutional right to marry who they love. This chapter introduces you to the named plaintiffs, and tells their true stories.

Our Plaintiffs

Named Plaintiffs of Strawser v. Strange

James N. Strawser & John E. Humphrey Mobile
Milton Persinger & Robert Povilat Mobile
Jennifer Ogle & Kristie Ogle Mobile
Anna Lisa Carmichael & Meredith Miller Mobile
Marshay Safford & Kristy Simmons Mobile
Keith Ingram & Albert Halloway Pigg III Houston
Gary Wayne Wright II & Brandon Mabrey Marshall

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